Learn Spanish the natural way with videos about Mexican culture

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Mexico has one of the richest cultures in the world.

Now you can learn Spanish the natural way while you enjoy the company of Mexicans telling about their life and culture. See the videos with or without Spanish subtitles and practice the glossary on the website.

Skip the text books

You may have some knowledge of Spanish and now you’re ready to practise understanding the spoken word. Or maybe you’re already fluent in Spanish and just interested in learning more about Mexico and Mexican culture.

¿Culturas de México? ¡Qué padre! offers both: in short web documentaries you meet interesting Mexicans who tell about their life and culture, at the same time as the material expands your vocabulary and allows you to practice understanding the spoken word.

Skip the text books and enjoy the company of the lovely Mexican people!

    ¡Qué padre! is Mexican slang for 'cool' or 'awesome'

    See a teaser for parts of the material or check out the chapter on Slang & Rap and become an expert on Mexican slang.

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    You have to be logged in to your Vimeo account to see the different videos in the material.

    This is what you get:

    • Website with short introductions, photos, glossaries and interactive comprehension tests. The videos are embedded here.
    • Approximately 30 short webdocumentaries with Spanish subtitles. You purchase access to the videos alltogether as a series through Vimeo. Get access


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