Día del Mariachi: Celebrating Santa Cecilia, the Patron Saint of all musicians

Vídeo: Fiesta patronal para Santa Cecilia

November 22nd is also known as El Día del Mariachi since the patron saint of all musicians, Santa Cecilia is celebrated on this day. Hear the sound of hundreds of Mariachis playing together at the Plaza Garibaldi or as they walk in procession with fellow musicians and their families to 'La Basílica de Guadalupe', a 6-7 kilometers away, where yet another musical mass is held in honour of Santa Cecilia.

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Santa Cecilia – patrona de los músicos

Santa Cecilia is one of many saints in the Catholic Church who suffered death as a Christian martyr. According to the legend she kept on singing during the 3 days it took her to die and that furthermore she sang so beautifully that she converted the prison guards to Christianity. She is the patron saint of all musicians and the Mariachis celebrate her with concerts and festivities for 3 days at the Plaza Garibaldi.

Fiesta Patronal de Santa Cecilia

Santa Cecilia & Día del Mariachi
Misa en La Plaza Garibaldi //Foto: Suzan Desezar

One day a year on November 22th, the brotherhood of Mariachi musicians stands out as they celebrate the profession and play together without pay. The morning mass at the Plaza Garibaldi is attended by sleepy musicians who later proceed to 'La Basílica de Guadalupe', where yet another mass is held. Along the way the Mariachis play music and launch rockets: Mariachi musicians may be associated with many things, but silence is not one of them.

Santa Cecilia & Día del Mariachi
El 22 de noviembre los Mariachis salen con sus familias y llevan la figura de su patrona, Santa Cecilia, a La Basílica de Guadalupe.
Santa Cecilia & Día del Mariachi
En la procesión tocan cientos de Mariachis a la vez.
Santa Cecilia & Día del Mariachi
En una pequeña pausa hay tiempo para hacer una llamada.
Santa Cecilia & Día del Mariachi
El ruido de cohetes acompaña la procesión
Santa Cecilia & Día del Mariachi
Una vez al año se llena La Basílica de Guadalupe de Mariachis. Nota las monjas un poco escépticas al fondo...
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