Donaldo Trump en el Museo de Caricaturas

Donaldo Trump en el Museo de Caricaturas

Donaldo Trump en el Museo de Caricaturas

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It came as a surprise to most Mexicans when Donald Trump won the elections in 2016 and that constructing a wall along the US border with Mexico would be seriously discussed. But Mexico is not unfamiliar with adversity and replied with the same weapon that has led to the fall of many a tyrant: humour and satire.

Hear a caricaturist at the Museum of Caricatures in Mexico City tell about the relation between Mexico and United States and how a caricaturist find inspiration for, amongst others, the caricatures of 'Donaldo Trump'.

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La Catrina
Una figura de La Catrina da la bienvenida a los visitantes en El Museo de las Caricaturas
La Catrina
El museo rinde homenaje a los grandes maestros de la caricatura mexicana, aquí a José Guadalupe Posada y su figura La Calavera Garbancera.

La Catrina

Mexico has a long and proud tradition of caricature drawing and making fun of anything, so of course Death and the vanity of human beings are also a topic for caricature.

The figure of La Catrina, or La Calavera Garbancera as the figure was originally called, was created by the artist José Guadalupe Posada and later named by the famous muralista Diego Rivera who painted her, amongst others, in Una tarde dominical.

The figure first served as an illustration for satirical articles at the time of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), as a satire over wealth and human vanity (an elegant and well-dressed man was called a Catrín ).

La Catrina has gradually become an essential part of Mexican culture, not least as a symbol of Mexico's special relation to death, about which José Guadalupe Posada should have said:

La muerte, es democrática, ya que a fin de cuentas, güera, morena, rica o pobre, toda la gente acaba siendo calavera.

The caricature museum pays tribute to the old masters in their regular exhibition.

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