Weavers in Teotitlán del Valle

Cada familia tiene su estilo

Cada familia tiene su estilo

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If you've ever wondered how the wool from a sheep is turned into yarn, or how long it might take to weave a rug, you can get an idea of ​​it in this video.

In Teotitlán del Valle, there are about 30 families working with tapestries, and the town is famous for their beautiful works.

They spin the yarn and dye it with vegetable dye and the motifs range widely: from the traditional designs with symbolic meanings to reproductions of popular paintings.

In Teotitlán the men are normally working at the loom: see at the end of the video how fast they weave.

Vocabulario al capítulo

  • Sustantivos
    borrego m
    color m
    diseño m
    fuerza f
    hilo m
    lana f
    mujer >< hombre
    pueblo m
  • tapete m
    telar m
  • pintar = teñir
    vender >< comprar
    despacio >< rápido
    fácil >< difícil

Más sobre...artesanía, diseños y tintes naturales

Más sobre...artesanía, diseños y tintes naturales
Con tu labor construyes su futuro
Más sobre...artesanía, diseños y tintes naturales
Tejedor en el telar

Surrounding the town of Oaxaca in Los Valles Centrales a number of smaller towns are situated, each of them known for their own craft tradition like Teotitlán del Valle is known for the art of weaving.

In this mural parents are encouraged to invest the profits from their work in education for the next generation.

The motif on the loom is El Árbol de la Vida (Tree of Life). Watch the video with Rosa for a review of the design El colorido and lo que atrae a la gente

To learn more about crafts in Los Valles Centrales, see: Muchos artesanos empezamos a superarnos and Huipiles de las regiones de Oaxaca

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