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Vídeo: Rock en Tzotzil

Vídeo: Rock en Tzotzil

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In San Andrés Larráinzar, Andrés Ruiz is busy keeping the traditions and language alive: his plan is to make it cool again for the young Mayans to speak in Tzotzil.

One way is to write songs in the native language, but to reach a larger audience when you live in a village can be a bit of a challenge when not everybody is equally fond of rock music.

Vocabulario al capítulo

  • Verbos
    ascender /ie
    dar pena
    estar en proceso
    perder /ie
  • plasmar
    estudio musical m
    idioma m
    influencia f
    lengua materna f
    libreta f
  • lugar m
    pueblo m
    público m
    texto m
    adjetivos y otros

How much did you understand?

1)Los jóvenes en Chiapas no quieren hablar en su idioma materna porque:

2)Andrés quiere ser músico porque quiere:

3)Por el momento Andrés está escribiendo un texto sobre:

You got / 3 correct

Más sobre...Música en idioma

Kux kux - Heavy rock fra San Juan Chamula

The heavy rock group Vayijel from San Juan Chamula also write lyrics in Tzotzil about their Native Mexican culture.

Hear the song and see the video of how you shouldn't be afraid of nightly visits from your Nahual.


Sangre Maya - Rap fra Yucatán

En Yucatán Pat Boy writes Mayan rap lyrics about their culture – and about everything else. See the video Sangre Maya where the lyrics are partly in Spanish, partly in Yucatac Maya.

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