Carlos Reyes in San Juan Chamula

Carlos Reyes: Hasta en la calle he teñido

Carlos Reyes: Hasta en la calle he teñido

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In San Juan Chamula, Carlos Reyes collaborates with the award-winning weaver María Patishtón and also meets her granddaughter and heir to the art of weaving, Petrona Patishtón.

In Chiapas, other plants are used to produce the red color, but Carlos invites the weavers to use dye made with the expensive Grana Cochinilla from Oaxaca.

With the Carnival close, however, the house is teeming with visiting family, and the dyeing process proceeds somewhat differently than the way Carlos is used to working at his studio in Mexico City...


Carlos in San Juan Chamula
María Patishtón tejiendo en la banqueta de su casa
Carlos in San Juan Chamula
María Patishtón y Carlos Reyes van a teñir con grana cochinilla
Carlos in San Juan Chamula
Petrona Patishtón tiñiendo con Grana Cochinilla

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