About the author Suzan Desezar

About the author Suzan Desezar

Apart from being the author of video based interactive learning material, I have a degree in Spanish and in Film and Media Studies, and have taught Spanish for many years in high school and Language Academies.

The starting point for my publications is the desire to communicate interesting and often complex topics in an engaging way and at the same time strengthen the students' communication skills.

Bringing people together is a central part of everything I do. The people that I interview are all experts in their own right, in the sense that they themselves are a living part of the cultural tradition in question: often people who would not normally be heard in the public debate.

My first release, “En la pandilla somos familia”, won the Danish Ministry of Education’s Teaching Resources Award 2016 and was shortlisted for BELMA, Best European Learning Material Award 2016


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